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How to Grow Business online

Many times it has been asked by many Business persons over many years. How to Grow Business online and Promote our website to get more visitors and clients.

Are you also struggling to promote your business? And you have no idea how you can grow your business online and get more clients. 

There are many agencies offering a wide range of solutions. Indeed they are very expensive and are not affordable. We at Narlax have the Right Solution for small businesses so that they too can explore the market and establish their business easily.

How to Promote Your website Or Business

Digital Marketing agencies are offering many solutions. but, their services are not affordable. Here we are listing a few tips for you to follow and get the best results. and Drive traffic from Google, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and many More social Networking website. 

1.Video Sharing: Share Your Promotional Videos

2. infographics: Use Infographics to Promote Your Products Or services.

3. E-commerce Website: Sell Products through the E-commerce website.

4. SEO &Mobile Friendly Website: Using SEO Optimised & Mobile Friendly website

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Promotional Video

Sharing Videos on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, what’s app and many more social Networking Website can Boost your Business easily.
78% of people online watch videos every week, and 55% watch video on the internet every day. If you don’t have a Promotional video for
Marketing your Products? Services on your website and on social media, you’re losing a great opportunity to meet and get more clients for your online business. Video these days play a major role in attracting your audience.

Most of the organizations have realized the use of videos as a marketing tool for there business and today they are using videos to tell their story, to get the word out about a new product or service.
1.8 million words which are equivalent to 1-minute video? Over 100 Million people watch online videos every day.

Advantages Of Promotional Videos

1. Video Boosts Conversions and Sales

2.Video Builds Trust

3. Videos Can Explain Everything with ease.


Infographics simply stand for the info- information and graphic- stands for images. if you have good graphics images with your business
information presented in an attractive and simple to understand way then it will be called an Infographic

Infographics are the best way to market your business online because they grab the attention of the audience and people can know more details and get awareness about your products and services with your infographics. People on social Networking website love to share good contents and that helps infographics to be shared more on social platforms.

Advantages of using Infographics :

1. It can be used as a good marketing tool for business promotion.

2. Just by sharing your infographics on Facebook , Instagram you can promote your business.

3. Drive traffic to your website by sharing your Infographics link form your website.

4. One time cost for Design Infographics and use it as long as you want.

5. Grab the attention of the audience.

6. Builds your business reputation and brand awareness.

Promote Your Website on Google For Free With Our Step By Step Guide