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How To Do SEO For Website Step by Step Guide.

Many Questions have been asked by so many people over the decades regarding the website promotion and SEO.

How to do seo for website Step by step ? 

how to promote website on google ? 

what is seo and how it works ? 

How can i get traffic for my website ? 

Do you also have the same set of questions in your mind.  how can i get visitors to my website ? 

Well, the answer to all these question is answered below with just in few lines. and after knowing the answer you will be able to utilise the best resources to promote your website in search engines with SEO.

All About SEO And How It works

S.E.O. stands for search engine optimization, which is the process of Optimization and Promotion of website for search engines to get organic, or unpaid, traffic from the search engine results page. In other words, Search Engine Optimization is process of making your website compatible as per the search engine factors. by making changes to your website contents and structure that makes your website more user friendly and appealing to search engines.

With this process optimization we can hope that the search engine will display your website as a search result on the search engine pages.

For some people search engine optimization is a difficult and complex process. but, on the other hands, if the website is optimised and the basic process is followed then any one can get you websites ranked in search engine, its just that it needs to be more specific about your niche.

There are more details about Search engine optimization in Wikipedia and many other sites that give detailed explanation about SEO.That explains well about how to promote website on google. or how to do seo for website step by step.

How to get Traffic for your website From Search Engines

SEO companies are making huge money by offering SEO services. but, the fact is that, SEO  is  not complex methods of optimizing your website. These are some of the basic factors we should follow to get you website in search results and get huge traffic for your website :

1.Choosing the right keywords

2. Updating the website Structure as per Search Engine Guidelines.

3. Having Unique and Original Contents in the website.

4. Natural link building

  5. Be active on social media Sites.

6. Add blog to your website and engage your visitors with quality information.  

Still Not getting any idea ? How to do and from where to start from ?

We have the Right Solution for You, Now you can Do SEO By Yourself.

With Our Step By Step Guide For SEO.

What's In the Step by Step Guide

This Step By Set Guide contains all the basic things that you need to know, in order to work through your optimization for the website because the only best way to get your business website optimized for free is to do it yourself. But even this isn’t fully free, your time has value and we understand it very well that’s is why this guide will save you lots of time. by following the steps with images and with all the directions that you just need to do. And you will find the answers for how to promote website on google. and how to do seo for website step by step without paying to seo companies.


Most of the people think that SEO is very complex and confusing and its difficult to do it unless we hire some SEO agency to do the SEO for us. We then pay hundreds of Dollars per month. But, On the contrary this is not true, SEO is very simple and Easy to do, with our guide you will know that even if you do not have any technical knowledge you can do the SEO by yourself. And you do not need to pay any fee to SEO companies.

With This Guide You will be able to know how to do seo for website step by step and how to promote website on google.

Promote Your Website on Google With Our Step By Step Guide

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